Photos from Swing Me

Lars Bom, the playwright of "Meneer Dinges"
Record cover of Johnny and Jones album
A drawing by Leo Kok (1923-1945) of Johnny and Jones in Kamp Westerbork
The team visiting the Memorial Museum Kamp Westerbork

The poster of "Meneer Dinges"

Theun Plantinga, actor "Meneer Dinges"
Martin van Dijk, music and actor "Meneer Dinges"
Suzanne (Kannewasser) Waisvisz (2nd from R) with her family
Marcel Sijm, director "Meneer Dinges"
Rob van de Meeberg, actor "Meneer Dinges"

David Natale, playwright and actor "Westerbork Serenade"
Victor Mentink, actor "Meneer Dinges"

David Natale visiting Kamp Westerbork

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