Awards: "How to: Be or not to Be"

(L to R): Lluís Valenti (festival director), Lluís Guinó (Mayor of Besalu), Erga Netz (Director) holding the trophy, Izzy Abrahami (Director), Cristina Valenti (festival director), Osnat Polak (Israeli Cultural Attache to Spain)

"How to: Be or not to Be" won Best Documentary at Besalu Jewish Film Festival, Spain, March 2008 HTB Award

In 1996 Stichting Rainbow enabled the production of ‘Summer, Autumn, WAR, Spring’, an award winner one-hour documentary, produced by Abrahami-Netz TV Productions.

It's the story of a class of Bosnian, Serb and Croat children of war and the events that followed a letter – a cry for peace – which they sent to the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam during the war in ex-Yugoslavia.

This documentary was awarded 'Best Documentary' at the Barcelona Television Festival, Spain, 1998.

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