Summer, Autumn, WAR, Spring

A 1 hour TV documentary, winner of the first prize at the Barcelona Festival of Television, November 1998 
Produced by Abrahami-Netz TV Productions
Languages spoken: English, Serbo-Croat, Dutch 
English, Japanese, Swedish, Spanish, Hebrew, German and Dutch versions are now available!  

In 1993 the war in Bosnia was at its peak. The Serbs were killing the Muslims and the Croats, and both of them were killing each other and the Serbs. And the Bosnian town of Zenica was surrounded by fighting armies. There was no exit. In that year, a history teacher in a school in Zenica told his 12-year-old pupils, a mixed class of Muslims, Croats and Serbs the story of Anne Frank. They took the Diary of Anne Frank from the school's library and read it together. Their big revelation was the similarity between the life of Anne Frank in her closed room fifty years before and their present situation in Zenica. In their mind, the sealed town of Zenica was the room of Anne Frank.

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Broadcasts: United States: December 2000 by PBS Sweden: October 2000, by SVT1 Japan: June 1999 by NHK Austria: January 1999 by ORF Israel: December 1999 by IETV Spain, Portugal and Andorra: September 1999 by Media Park The Netherlands: September 1998, by the EO  

Festivals: OJAI Film Festival, USA, November 2001 Athens Festival, USA, May 1999 PRIX IRIS, The Netherlands, May 1999 East Lansing Film Festival, USA, March 1999 Denver Festival of Film, USA, November 1998
The Barcelona International Festival of Television, Spain, November 1998. WINNER OF FIRST PRIZE!    The 18th edition of the Breckenridge Festival of Films, USA, September 1998.